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sleeps is struggling to find something to eat. >> we have been been distributing thousands of bottle of water and meals in a number of hard hit areas. >> id has been in three days since the storm knocked out the lights and the big apple with no elevators, no hot showers, no mass transit, no gridlock as the city is trying to enforce car pool. floodwaters have shut down nine of the 23 subway lines. >> this has never happened before in the history of new york. >> people are lining up. >> let's go, people. >> some better news for air travelers all major airports are open once again that they were shot down and
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after santee tore through the big apple. after hurricane storm sandy the new work liberty and new wo-wornewark. for the.. reopened and call your carriers, first. we are getting a better idea of how much damage and devastation is just remarkable. charles clifford have some amazing before and after. >> the damage is widespread. it appears that the jersey shore line in particular bears the brunt of the storm. take a look to the before and after this is with the casino. looked like in seaside heights before and here is how it looks like, after. this entire portion has been broken off with the debris onshore. and
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this roof off and even this small peninsula in tuckerton.. with water completely surrounding these homes. damage and flooding inland. this is from eighth avenue in the new-york city the front of this brown building. this is the before and this is the after the entire wall has fallen down. finally, this is the entrance to a parking garage. this is the before and this is with the same looked like after completely flooded with several cars sticking out of the water. who will have more photos coming up of before and after coming up at 6:00 p.m. charles clifford, kron 4 >>pam: dramatic video. this family in a new york witnessed the destruction first hand on long island. >> , god
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>> our tree? >> you can see the trees in the neighborhood at toppling one after another. the first on the car, the next is smashed and the people notice a fire that starts at the end of the street. and if that was not scary enough on land tried writing this out on a cruise ship. that is what david evans and his wife went through and this was all on his cellphone. >> from left to right it was so dramatic, quick that all of the furniture inside of our room turned over. everything was predictable that was not attached. >> he was able to ride out the storm in his crew ship cabin and also toward the ship of the overflowing pool deck. and the gift shop. no injuries reported and passengers for able to make it back safely. this super
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storm making an impact on the presidential election. this was toward the damage yesterday. it is raising new questions about global warming and climate changing. and perhaps all, could get a surprising endorsement from a high- profile mayor. we will have more on that, later on stay with kron 4 as we continue the fall of the aftermath of super storm sandy. >> now, the arsonist search after the public and the boss after the world series. maureen kelly. >> san francisco police to barbara once this video that allegedly show us these two suspects-to want this-video san francisco police department. they want this
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to become viral they already have gotten a flurry of activity on facebook. >> that has provided the police would additional leads they are being pursued by investigators. social media has helped with the department before it could not take for list picture it did not take long for this to stir outrage on the internet. and less than 24 hours there was an anonymous tip with the arrest of grief gra gregory--granice.. they are asking anybody to come forward who has seen anything. >> help us out we will get the skies. >> maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> of the celebrations were not already this is the victory parade yesterday. if millions of people celebrated the championship
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and so many spectators that there were new records. j. r. stone is standing by. the imam the number one question is that the -- number one is how much they spent on the parade? the giants spent $1 million but the city had to beef up public safety. the police chief saying that 1 million people were in attendance. possibly more than 2010. they say they picked up 21 t of debris after the parade. that is nearly 4 t of additional debris compared to the sunday night celebration. as far as 560,000 as part. that is more than 2010. as for the underground, there was a 55% increase. the most since
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the 1988-89 super bowl parade. one of the most memorable moments was the shirt that sergio romano that said i just looked legal. it was quite a buzz on on with sergio-romo.. i will keep you the results of this in 20 minutes. tell us what you think on our facebook fan page. >> it was a rainy morning this is video. you can see the bay area vaccine to have passed over us. this is a live look the bay-area merger has passed over. and we are in the weather center with a jacqueline the bay area moisture. >> for the most part there is lingering showers over the el diablo range. however, we can take a look
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at trader with improving conditions. the edge of your screen. and radar. other than that, things are clear. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. mostly clear skies and we have seen a few lingering clouds over the hills this afternoon. and also fog lingering as we can see the visibility is certainly reduced. for the rainfall totals we have seen the rainfall for the majority of the overnight hours. for the bulk of the brain it was up to the north to santa rosa, and nearly 1 in. of that -- rainfall. bailey 1-quarter and one half in oakland. just barely traces in other areas. there is the tail end of that system with clear conditions. as we take a wider view of the cloud coverage and another storm is heading towards the bay area. we are not going to see any rainfall but we are going to see clouds that
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will keep things on the cooler side. for details on that, coming up. >> this gunman is on the loose in oakland and a store owner is dead. oakland police canvassed the neighborhood near international boulevard. members of the community mourned the death of wilbert partly last night as he was closing his cellphone store. mr. bartley--he was well known in the community. >> my father was an amazing man. he did thinks that he did not have to do. he did things for people that he did not have to 24 with out question he just did. he gave, continuously. he did not have to give up and without a second thought. and he thought that if he could help you he would do
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that. if someone could take his life for money or what ever we still do not even know what it was. that is crazy to me we need to know. >> this is the 108 homicide and oakland this year toward the home mortgage mass is still on the front burner for thousands of americans. the mess is possibly through a relief that has been set up at the san jose convention center. >> to make ends meet this person has a new favorable loan with lower payments. >> i was just paying principal and interest. now, i can combine everything. >> this is 200,000 people
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held by the nonprofit group neighborhood assistance corp. of america that it helps on the spot financing and help for mortgages. >> there's nothing like meeting face to face with your lender. and with decision maker and if that negotiator could help get the deals get done. >> based on their stuck situation they can afford eight affordable modification and present that to the lender. most of are presented here and it is all free. the banks will pay all fees. >> we come here so that we can meet meet our customer's face to face. and tell them exactly what they need. >> with 80 percent of the applicants are successful and the walk away with the same day savings of $1,000 per month. >> now i'm able to make those payments, there's no doubt in my mind. >> that is a second chance to holding on to the american dream. in san jose
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rob fladeboe, kron 4 if the ipad mini is it worth it? gabe slate tech report
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>>pam: the ipad mini this is
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coming on sale tomorrow. online, could still be a couple of weeks. >> that is the $1 million question. but it is sold out of online. maybe they will because if somebody really wants to secure in it as a holiday gift. and they could to be lines right now there are no lines and nobody is camping out. however, if you remembe in the month of march? let us world the first video for taking a look at the price. it is $ 330 at the cheapest and $660 with the data plans. it is only available in apple stores at 8:00 a.m. and in best buy, soon is the most expensive tablets. is that it looks the best of the smaller 7 in. tablets.
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however, $130 more than the google or the amazon kindle and at $330 it is $7 less than a full ipad to. -- it is only 7 in.-less. it is a weird price point. >>pam: who is this relief for? >> let us raw the next video who is this relief for. let us world this-next video. and i know these people there very interesting people and they are anything that apple makes, they will purchase it. it is sweet, light, and and you can hold this in your hand. and if use this ipad sometimes it can get too heavy. if you want something that a smaller, lighter for reading this is for you. basically, if you love your ipad and
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you want a smaller one that will fit in your pocket or your purse this could be the one. or four people have not purchased a tablet yet and i only want an ipad. or dashed these people that have not purchased a tablet yet. >>pam: we will certainly find out more tomorrow. >> in national news the former penn state assistant coach convicted of children has been moved to a maximum security prison. jerry sandusky is in protective custody in southwest pennsylvania. he is in solitary cell with on the one hour of exercise, five days per week with an escort. he is serving a 30 year sentence now, more charges in the penn state scandal against the university president gramm spanier.. could have
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possibly endangered children in the cover up and also university place president. schulz and tom curley. >>jacqueline: it was rainy but conditions have improved for this afternoon. as we take a look at mt. tam lingering clouds but other was mostly sunny skies. on the stormtracker 4 we are still seeing some rainfall but clear conditions around the bay area. temperatures are on the cooler side. low 60s and a number of places. the 66 in oakland. the 65 degrees in san jose. here is what we can expect overnight with the dense fog near the coast and patchy fog elsewhere. we will see fog overnight because of that rainfall the cresol overnight with that marcher helped. for tomorrow high clouds will be streaming
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with mild conditions mainly in the upper 60s. that warming trend will continue with a little bit of fog and temperatures in the '70s. a look at the satellite and radar you can see the rainfall is finally subsiding. clear conditions over the bay area but a wider view you can see the tail end of this system that is pushing towards the coast. breaking of that cloud pattern is going to be pressing into tomorrow. the afternoon, high clouds and after that we are looking at better conditions for the weekend. temperatures out the door are going to be chilly. and 40's in santa rosa, napa. upper 40's for the inland valleys and 50s for the bayshore. and the afternoon temperatures will see 60s and even 70's to cupertino '60s and '70s through cupertino 60s for the east bayshore. 67 in
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union city. 67 in san francisco with 60s also to the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with extended fog but mainly close to the coast. as we take a look of the rest of the weekend the sunny skies and warmer temperatures and nearly 80 degrees inland. >> let us take a look at the traffic on thursday evening. the fog is definitely rolling and you cannot even see the towers. nonetheless it is looking decent, no problems. >> with just days to go before the election california governor is back in san francisco to deal with proposition 30.
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>> sergio romo you can see i just look illegal. he
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is just miles from the mexican border. internet activists are happy that they made a joke which they say is a big issue. and now from our results 60 percent thought that it was funny and only 2 percent thought that it was inappropriate 20% that it was awesome. 2 percent said it was no joke and a seven fo% said who? thank you for taking part
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off the >> decision 2012 kron 4 is counting down. after the brief pause from the danger of the storm on the east coast. president obama and mitt romney >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards,
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lifelock guards your social security number, your money, your credit, even the equity in your home. while identity theft can't be completely stopped, no one protects you better than lifelock. and lifelock stands behind that, with the power of their $1 million service guarantee. you have so much to protect, and nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and try 60 days of identity theft protection risk-free. 60 days risk-free! use promo code: onguard. order now, and get this document shredder, a $29 value, free! call or go online now. [♪...]
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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: at 5:37 california schools. this november the have the chance between two different measures giving more to education. proposition 13 is backed by jerry brown today he is back in the bay area during last- minute campaigning. dan kerman. >> the keys for proposition 30 is crystal clear. the case. invest in the california dream and keep the creativity and innovation alive. expand, and intensify. >> with just days to go governor jerry brown was before the board in san francisco. supporting proposition dirty the temporary tax increase for education. he says the choice is simple. >> money into the schools
5:31 pm
and colleges and pour out. in or out, yes or no. there is no middle. >> most of the audience seemed to support it proposition 3 is by no means a sure thing. they are inclined to vote that is down from 51%. in the september it was mid-50s range in the summer. >> the current polls show support has dropped over time he says there is still a chance proposition dirty can pass. >> the poll findings showing that it is possibly not on a downward track but he does have 14 percent undecided. really, he just test to attract 2-3% on his side. proposition 38 is competing and is a bigger trouble. 34% are in support 49% are opposed and 17 percent
5:32 pm
undecided. the governor went out of its way to not make anything bad. other than that he believes proposition 30 is the way to go. he also made it clear that both measures are for the education for the passage of proposition 38 will not stop for cuts. only proposition 30 will do that. dan kerman, kron 4. >>pam: decision 12 coverage. just days until the e alexian decision-2012. with-election decision still campaigning hard in this campaign states. >> on the closing weeks governor romney has been using all of his talents to dress up these very same policies that have filled our country so badly. the very same policies that we have been cleaning up for the past four years. >> there is no question in
5:33 pm
my view that we cannot have a four year is the last four years. i know that the people are all, art chanting for more years. but we are thinking of just five more days. >>pam: president barack obama got a surprising endorsement from the new york mayor, mayor he made that announcement and using this extreme weather for his stance on climate change with a strong environmental record on his first term in office and adding that he was disappointed that he tried policy reversals from mess from the including climate change. and take a look at it this climate change making its way into the mess from the campaign event with victims of the storm. he was even heckled about it. this man shoving that will cost the monster storm was climate change.
5:34 pm
essentially, this person's selling was pulled down >> and speaking of uwith us is michael yaki it is difficult to even want to talk about politics but nonetheless we certainly have to so what is the impact? with the election? >> for some of us they could be getting a break from the commercials but for the most part it is the impact on getting the bolder process. many communities are without power to get the voting process electronic voting. you have a situation where people do not have polling booths. they would have to be counted by hand and it could be dragged out. they're critical states could make a difference. >>pam: would it be impacting the desire with the issue of
5:35 pm
voting if they are looking for basic needs like water? the ima there are state--like pennsylvania, that it had a lot of flooding i think that is an issue. >>pam: even ohio. >> and think about all hire, pa. the of republican officials said a state law that it tried to drop the election to try things so i expect some mischief. many people going to court. >> what about the endorsement from a mere blumberg. and also the fact that the governor, chris christie and the endorsement from mayor michael bloomberg? >> there was a good narrative of bipartisanship between chris christy and president obama. what this storm did it is brought out the issue of climate change.
5:36 pm
that has been silent. perhaps motivate some policies in the young people. >> this entire issue of bipartisan is it enough to help in terms of the president's campaign or could this hurt? >> i do not know if this is really making a difference. right now, is about getting people to the polls that is where the weather has made a difference. after roads are flooded or if the polling places are open. brigham also the swing state it is been the same states for months. >> also all roads lead to ohio. he only needs to have one, two other remaining swing states. for governor romney he is going to be a round the table for everything else. pam yaki will join us later and if you'd like to connect with michael yaki you can follow him on twitter. or read his block michael yaki .com read
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his blog ban8:00 p.m. at 8:00 p.m. coverage for the election facebook and twitter. >>jacqueline: we woke up to wet weather. let us take a look at video. you can see the wet pavement but now we are seeing improving conditions with wet weather but also that dense fog making visibility a little bit difficult on the golden gate bridge. close to the coast and for the rainfall totals heavy will be in the north bay. the most rainfall was there with nearly 1 in. in santa rosa in the same in petaluma. nearly one-half inch everywhere else. oakland, it was 4-tense and the same in livermore. doreen has moved out but
5:38 pm
some cloud coverage making its way towards the bay area card partly cloudy but sunny and warm as the go towards the weekend with a look a your extended forecast, coming up. >> a look at traffic the bay bridge toll plaza. it is moving well with all lanes open and loving decent. no problems. and walnut creek the interchange between 680 you can see all areas are heavy. it is moving quite slow. >> coming up so you think that you've seen the entire giants world series parade? hold onto your hats it is going to be looking at people behaving badly.
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>>pam: for today's market update the latest about the u.s. economy with the consumer confidence. here is
5:42 pm
a look at the numbers. the confidence confidence in the economy surged in nearly five years. many were encouraged by encouraging job market that dow was up by a 136. in monastic in the s&p was also up today. >> watching today's winners and losers with rob black. we are talking about netflix. carl icahn, the activist, and he got some trouble and some bay area with he, who and clorox? >> he is usually correct. young who was offered $38 per share and this was the offer from microsoft and he jumped in. netflix could possibly be doomed. there are services like a from exports and other delivery mechanisms and makes the content very expensive. i do not think who is going to
5:43 pm
purchase amazon which i do not see who's going to purchase netflix but fundamentally it kind of stinks. >> you mentioned amazon have branched out with video delivery. and now they want us to already start christmas shopping? >> it feels a little bit too early. black friday starts at 3 freddie's early, for tomorrow. there are many electronic componentry on sale already but it just feels a bit early. >> there was such a hot product and of the company's stock is not going out well. >>
5:44 pm
>> this is a good spot and you mentioned amazon has branched out with video delivery? yes, they are over
5:45 pm
the starting with black friday. and you mentioned starbucks starting in china that could also be a good now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> the giants are celebrating their world series. but i am not here to watch the parade i am here to watch people behaving badly. for the record i was at the parade in the flesh although i had a difficult time convincing one fan. in the worst stanley? >> stanley? i do not know. he is probably on montgomery and stewart. he's somewhere. he's up there watching coast bad boys and dead girls. watching those batboys and bad girls and
5:46 pm
bad boys.... i understand many people will climb on several things but in front of a reader satellite antenna might not be the smartest thing to do. it looks like somebody made their way inside this building. and it looks like this person did not heed the warning. somehow all of my elements are the founding of the past with the san francisco cigarettes. and i'm at medical marijuana. -i meant medical marijuana. in the and here, is health we can see it with this san francisco giants, number one. >> and here and here it is enough to turn a dog into a rasta.. i was at the parade
5:47 pm
and i got caught behaving badly. >> what is the sudden urge to climb things? or like this person on the ledge of the building. and to not even get me started at the amount of all call for this family friendly of bent. four loko to something in a brown paper back it was a drink fast. who drinks that much at noon? but if it is an event to top each event because they won the world series, again. congratulations, san francisco giants the best baseball team in the world. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: this rainy day with a sunny afternoon at most locations as a take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. how we are still seen clouds along the coast and
5:48 pm
cooler temperatures. 56 in daly city and 60s in san francisco. the inland valleys are in the 60s with san jose at 65 degrees the satellite and radar showing that the east rainfall with clear conditions in the wake of the storm. the tail and on the shore will spread cloud coverage into the bay area. no rainfall expected we are going to see fog. fairly widespread. for the afternoon some of that cloud coverage that you just saw with mild temperatures. it will kkeep things in the 60s for the most part with 60s but we are going to see warmer conditions for the weekend. temperatures are about the same as today perhaps a few degrees warmer in the south bay. upper 60s for the inland valleys 60s in hayward. upper 60s for
5:49 pm
the most part and as for the sierras? we did see some rain but it has tapered off with the lingering showers. for the overnight hours but mostly sunny skies and temperatures are gradually going to warming up before the weekend. and locally with your extended forecast widespread fog. '70s near the coast. temperatures will be back into the 70's on sunday. even 80s by monday. warmer weather on tap for the extended forecast with a 20 percent chance of showers late next week >>pam: checking traffic let us look at san jose. the headlights are southbound it is looking good north bound, southbound at toverpass. and the headlights are going
5:50 pm
towards hayward that is where traffic is the heaviest. this time of day we will be back.
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>>pam: you might feel this way too long presidential campaign is just too much for this 4 year-old. >> just because i'm tired of all, and mitt romney. >> is that why you are crying? >> that is abigail evans. she was listening to politics on national public radio in she started to cry they sent her an apology saying " we sorry mmake you cry. we will be back.
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>>pam: the server or survive and--surfer.. who
5:57 pm
survived that shark attack and the latest from the east coast picking up the pieces. >>jacqueline: there is fog coming up with a warmer weekend coming up ♪
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
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>>pam: (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: now president obama is getting a praise from the republican governor. and picks up an endorsement from the new york mayor bloomberg. >> tonight at 6:00 p.m. the east coast is slowly getting back to normal. after a
6:00 pm
tropical storm sandy caused a path of destruction across several states. the death toll continues to ride wita rise with 88 people because of this storm. as many as 4.8 million people along the eastern seaboard are without power. there are three. of airports slowly opening but new yorkers are struggling to cope with the aftermath. >> you were in front of me. >> huge jump the line. >> these are nearly 1 mi. long. with storm ravaged new york city. are merely 1 mi. long. just one of the everyday essential sit in a storm ravaged new-york city. >> this guy was left bandaged and pleading over
6:01 pm
charging as cellphone. >> the city that never sleeps is struggling to find something to eat. >> we have been been distributing thousands of bottle of water and meals in a number of hard hit areas. >> id has been in three days since the storm knocked out the lights and the big apple with no elevators, no hot showers, no mass transit, no wireless. gridlock as the city is trying to enforce car pool. floodwaters have shut down nine of the 23 subway lines. >> this has never happened before in the history of new york. >> people are lining up. >> let's go, people. >> some better news for air travelers all major airports are open once again that they were shot down and after santee tore through the big apple. after hurricane storm sandy the new work liberty and n- wnewark. for the.. reopened
6:02 pm
and call your carriers, first. we are getting a better idea of how much damage and devastation is just remarkable. charles clifford have some amazing before and after. >> the damage is widespread. it appears that the jersey shore line in particular bears the brunt of the storm. take a look to the before and after this is with the casino. looked like in seaside heights before and here is how it looks like, after. this entire portion has been broken off with the debris onshore. and this roof off and even this small peninsula in tuckerton.. with water completely surrounding these homes. damage and flooding inland. this is from eighth avenue in the new-york city the front of this brown building. this is the before and this is the after the entire wall has fallen down. san francisco, charles clifford, kron 4. kim stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow the aftermath. we have more updates and on our
6:03 pm
website, kron 4 .com. with bay area news family and friends in east oakland our morning the loss of a neighborhood cellphone store. he was gunned down during an apparent robbery. 50 year-old wilbur partly-- barley >> this is such a sad moment. and she thinks of what her happened to her father.
6:04 pm
partly last night as he was closing his cellphone store. mr. bartley--he was well known in the community. >> my father was an amazing man. he did thinks that he did not have to do. he did things for people that he did not have to 24 with out question he just did. he gave, continuously. he did not have to give up and without a second thought. and he thought that if he could help you he would do that. if someone could take his life for money or what ever we still do not even know what it was. that is crazy to me we need to know. >> this is the 108 homicide and oakland this year towar >> this are rest has been made as javiar this badly
6:05 pm
decomposed body was discovered in a trash can on dublin canyon road. her body was not identified until the next month after police in stockton report that she was missing. javiar sandoval.. were in a relationship but perhaps not in a relationship during the time of her death. >> the spike of violent crime in the mission district is called catching the eye t mission district police. and what they are planning on doing. >> there is a crime in the mission with shots fired but for incidences in the last two weeks of people getting hit by gunfire. >> we believe that this is gained related in the second shooting although there are folks involved were gang-
6:06 pm
related we believe that it is personal off. between a person that was killed which would lead us to believe that the effects of the case and the information is that it was personal id could have been with in that game. there was a robbery on a van ness and they will be prosecuted. this shooting could have been self- inflicted. >> homicide on top of this, with king task aske -a gang task forces and hotspots assigned and san francisco your >> the committee response to work has been working with the police and teams that were often caught up in these shootings. >> they could cool down sections on 13th and mission in 16th/mission were many people are mourning the loss. it is really essential weather these are
6:07 pm
gang-related the provided a and additional $30,000 for as much help they can get. >> the arsonists are still trying to bea located these men are wearing lgiants jackets. and they also put of these images with photographs all are also posted on social media. this is already helping the investigation. >> we have at a flurry of activity on twitter, facebook. and it has provided additional leads. we think that we could get
6:08 pm
the arsonist. >> if anybody has any information please come forward >> the san francisco is showing the incredible world series parade. >> the was a huge turnout that is an understatement. the number broke all previous records and it matched muni records for the amount of garbage collected we are talking dozens of tons of garbage. last night the police chief said that 1 million people attended the parade possibly more in 2010. they picked up 21 t of debris after the raid. and a 17.3 t after sunday night. 41 t after the giants celebration in just one week. as for public
6:09 pm
transportation? 568,000 that is 45,000 more people compared to the 2010. and for the underground? they saw a 55% increase. the most since 1988, 1989. when the san francisco 49ers had a parade. they did not say what they paid for the celebration but this is an interesting statistics. this is a picture of sergio romo it has 27,000 'likes'.. and staof that t-shirt that says i just look illegal. >>jacqueline: the rainfall totals with heaviest nearly 1 in. in santa rosa. other areas it was under as we
6:10 pm
take a look at the golden gate bridge. foggy conditions in the wake of today's rainfall. warmer conditions this week with a full weather forecast coming up. >> if you are behind on your mortgage payments? were you cannot seem to get your lender on the phone? perhaps you could consider the businessamericans. a relief that has been set up at the san jose convention center. the president thi president-this would amount of them. >> there were able to reduce our mortgage payment from 2004 hundred, to the amount of $1,700 per month and also reducing the principal mortgage. from
6:11 pm
$600,000 to 440,000! it was an excellent, excellent process. they told me that the games of what the bank plays and i received my loan modification within three months. also an independent foreclosure review is available these are all free at the sun jose convention center the san jose convention center south hall... through monday. how with the devastation impact the presidential campaign trail and the election. >> more charges against the former penn st. administrator of accused of covering up the horrific sex crimes. and we will hear from the young man who fought off an attacking shark while he was surfing off the northern california coast.
6:12 pm
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6:14 pm
>> because when disaster strikes we see in the americas at its best. all of petty differences, of consumers. if it all seems to mellow away. there are no democrats or republicans during a storm. we're just fellow americans. this is
6:15 pm
along the devastation in the east coast and the wake of hurricane santedy this is a big deal and joining us is michael yaki our political analyst. what is the impact of sandy? >> it makes him look like a bipartisan, commander in chief and. presidential getting kudos from governor chris christie. and certainly, it sent shockwaves through the republican campaign operatives. i think that over all is a good thing for him. certainly a game changer but it is not the if you wanted in october change this is what it was. >> the cities that have been had it hardest haute does that impact either campaign? >> i think the biggest difference impact is against all,. early voting
6:16 pm
has been his against-it could possibly impacting allobama pennsylvania. if. is not. a swing state but with this low turned out. >> and because mitt romney is campaigning in pennsylvania of? perhaps he feels if there is an opening? >> perhaps there is just too much money. they saved all their money to the end. and with that hurricane what ever is left over there will end up in michigan, pennsylvania. and i do not think they're going to win a victory in michigan or pennsylvania. >> with everything happening why are the same swing states with the same percentages, roughly. those are pretty close. >> it is blue-collar. it is jobs. it is always with this comes down to. and how people feel about weather or not they like what president obama has done and wants to
6:17 pm
give him another four years. or if they want to change. >>pam: with california politics with 11 propositions the ones that stick out most in the mind? >> proposition 30, proposition 32. >> proposition 30 is the tax initiative. there proposition 32 is the anti- union. to bring the power of unions to political advocacies i think that with proposition 32 is taking a lot of money away for proposition dirty. i also think that quite frankly proposition 32 is a ploy by carl rover and not send troops out to nevada. >> do think that province and 32 will pass? >> that is what i think that it is a plea. and my gut feeling is that proposition 32 does not have a chance. but that is why i think that it was a -- poliploy.
6:18 pm
>>pam: michael yaki has a blog and we have extended coverage. you can stay updated and kron 4 .com and well as our facebook and twitter. >> we started the day with rainfall and we did see clear conditions for the afternoon with the exception of the golden gate. a dark camera shot but it is foggy. here is what we can expect overnight with the dense fog. we are already seeing that with patchy fog and we are going to see more cloud coverage streaming through. temperatures will stay in the 60s. this weekend, sunny skies and warmer temperatures are expected. the satellite and radar showing this tail and with yesterday but here comes another one. you can see it sitting offshore. we're not expecting rainfall but we could see rainfall for tomorrow and that is what is going to keep tabs cooler. for the overnight hours
6:19 pm
we're going to see temperatures-cooler -- and also livermore into the mountains as we go for the early evening temperatures could be in the 50s and 60s for the bay area toward the cloud coverage will keep things cooler and mid-60s tomorrow. with neighborhood by neighborhood looking at 68 degrees in sunnyvale nearly 70's in cupertino, los gatos and for the inland valleys 70's as well. '70s in livermore, antioch, 60s for the east bay shore in along the coast guard and the fog is going to stay with us for the most part. with 60s in san francisco and upper 60s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with fog expected in the morning. and on saturday with light green cloud coverage especially tomorrow. sunday, monday, tuesday, a decent weather expected. with mainly in the '70s. with low 80s inland.
6:20 pm
the changes for early next week with the chance of rainfall and cooler weather in the forecast. remember, go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. >>pam: national news criminal charges have been filed against former penn state president graham spaniaer.. is accused of perjury, conspiracy and in danger and the children safety. and in danger i. shultz and curly were also arrested in the alleged cover-up of the sandusky crimes last year. the attorneys say that the facts and not support the charges and accused pennsylvania to target him of ssaddling a personal score.
6:21 pm
>> this man who fought off a great white shark off the coast of your week off. eureka
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>>pam: a northern california man is recovering after fighting off a great white shark this was on tuesday when he was attacked. he says that he did not get a chance to see the shark before he was pulled under. >> it be under and shook me underwater. and i punched it in the head a couple of times. before it released me. >> he got a wave and swim away towards other surfers who used their body weight. to lay on top of him to keep from bleeding. he is doing quite well and the only thing keeping him from the ocean is having to get a new white suit and surfboard. we will be back getting a new- wet suit
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>>pam: gabe slate tech
6:28 pm
report will have the latest on the ipad mini and the latest from gov. jerry brown. making a last-minute push from proposition 30. >> this live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. some cloud coverage more on that and a warmer weekend, coming up.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. off >> in san francisco police released this cellphone video that showin the two suspects catchin setting a publicly boss on spider is helping their investigation. this-muni public bus was set on fire after the giants to victory. they have posted these on the social media
6:31 pm
that are hoping to generate leads. maureen kelly, kron 4. >> mission district crime is increasing. before anything else gets hurt their been for incidences hit by gunfire. tensions are high between hispanics. what the san francisco police department is doing to curtail this optic and crime. uptick--in crime >> the third dead body along the coast in the last two weeks. there were called out early thursday on the tourist found this body of an unidentified man. he was floating and he is described as a white male and his 30's. earlier, a man and 44 years old was found in the 16 year-old girl was also
6:32 pm
discovered. jeff bush, kron 4. >> now that the hurricane has passed we are getting a better idea of how much done was done on the east coast. take a look at the before and after this is the casino pier. this is before the storm. this is after the storm. there is damage. we will have more on kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> with just days to go before the election gary brown is back in san francisco for proposition 30 that is when this convenient tax measure is designed to fund extrication. >> but money in or out of education--in or out. >> the governor says that the proposition dirty feels it will automatically
6:33 pm
trigger cuts for k if it- proposition-30 fails it will automatically impacted to patient. >> the nursing strike on the soccer hospital with a contract that is not fair at supper hospital. sutter released this statement saying that it is fair and they're offering a strong benefits package. they are using temporary nurses during this strike. >> in san jose mortgage relief for struggling home owners. the association is doing business at the san jose convention center. it is just 80 percent of homeowners the cannot afford their mortgages. people come face to face with on-the- spot solutions. >> people can come in here with the same day and save
6:34 pm
500, $1,000 per month. >> they will be in town for monday. rob fladeboe, kron 4. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> this apartment complex loaded near 12th. in san francisco one of the most bizarre events unfolds. >> i practice voodoo and this it has apparently took three years to work. >> i know who you are, great to meet you. >> maybe it was simply could work from the san francisco police department. good work-this is involving heroin, methamphetamines, and a shot ofand a shotgun and a hippopotamus and even
6:35 pm
bl. voodoo with dense fog along the coast we are looking at golden gate fog. we are going to see high clouds and into the weekend a sunny skies and warmer temperatures. the drier conditions for this afternoon but we do have more clouds of the way. this is pressing along the coast with keeping things in the 60s tomorrow f 60 through san francisco, half moon bay and 74 the inland valleys. we will take a look at our extended forecast. saturday, sunday, we are going to notice the warm-up with 70's for the bay area. sunshine and we will keep that for early next week and by late next week the possibility of showers returning in the forecast. >>pam: the ipad mini will go on sale and it is going on sale tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.
6:36 pm
pre-sales are already sold out theft it will take several weeks and we are joined by gabe slate. there does not seem to be as much hype as other items? . and i think that apple fans have had time to recuperate. after that huge frenzy we are wondering what is going to happen tomorrow. the only thing i can think is that people are going to secure that for the holidays. i think that nobody is camping out. it looks like we show you the first video. let us
6:37 pm
take a look. $ $330 is the entry-level price, however the most expensive it is $660. it is overpriced at the next amazon kindle but the one for the high price point. some people say that this is a better idea of or a interesting price point. let us roll this video this is nice and feeling in your hands to. among the visual impression of that? >> i think that fans are trying to get everything. and apple fans will spend something on i think it is neat, i think it is cool it is essentially a smaller ipad. if you've ever had your ipad and think that
6:38 pm
this is perhaps a little bit heavy. and i wish that i could take it out. or if i could take it out to the restaurant? this will fit in your purse, pocket it is a perfect size. if you like apple the voices in this week. your going to love it. if you have a tablet or if you want to go to a competitor. but if you really like apple things than it is perfect. >> thank-you, will find out more what happens. we will be back after this break. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
6:39 pm
makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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6:41 pm
helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. the microsoft i spinning ssuit by a small software company such as live tiles
6:42 pm
ans they are seeking unspecified damages. microsoft is withois making sure that these are without merit. sports director, gary radnich will have the details on roster modifications. and the stories and all of your sports, coming up, next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> good evening, everybody the parade was yesterday and some good buys it today with aubrey huff.. this was in 2010 if you remember. he just did not work out. hitting one of 92, and with seven rbis and was never was a factor. do not feel sorry for him he will get a $200
6:46 pm
million buyout. to leave, immediately. and i will not go through the ramifications there is angel pagan was the giants' qualifying deadline if you offer them something and they do not accept or go somewhere else the giants could get some potential choices. but they wanted both of these guys to stay. they are not going to make a qualifying offer but they still want angel pe agan.. heard our coverage was terrific. and with pam. saying that pam really knows her great stuff. >> i did read your notes. >> and somebody from santa rosa. saw that you did not show up but pam moore did. and also
6:47 pm
something about jacqueline bennett and i will spare the other person involved. and if i was single. he says i do not date people older than me i would date jacqueline bennett. and with other people and the market. think about it. and pam moore, release. >> what did you do? >> and we just had fun. >> without me? >> we missed you. >> and every thing said t he go the numbers were great. >> thank-you, thing to come from the man in santa rosa. and a nice gesture from matt cain. for each of his teammates matt cain bought them a bottle of crown royal
6:48 pm
x r how is that pam? >> i do not know. it is extra pair. our sources $169 crown royal x r...spending $4225 for 50 bottles. my new client is checking the box. >> and the somebody said a there is mr. jack in the box. and all of these members will be getting kids to certificates, brokers, fries, shakes! brokers theftand gift certificates and hamburgers -- cl
6:49 pm
>> and mie redman was a long time backed up player. with the coach here he goes curt schilling there he is the state of rhode island is suing shelling over the $75 million loan that he personally guaranteed for is filled video game company, 38 studio. his company went bankrupt. he is admired but is and and supeis an incredibly high debt. the bottom line is that you are an ax athlete you lose somebody else's money, not your own.
6:50 pm
if you are a former athlete. however, no problems here. matt cain, 169 bottles. >> i do not know how to taste it. and on the scene to be the person of to not drink alcohol and always the ready. however you will party more than i party. $16 mind. >> and you know that i do not drink. $169. >> and everybody says that i always look drunk. and pam will say " sorry " lathere
6:51 pm
will could be an extension getting enough seats on sunday. and sebastian trust me, when the late al davis drafted him they said that you cannot draft hamid but how many games are decided at the end? after all of these years, he has been honored for player of the month. in the afc. sebastian jankowski and jim harbaugh of the 49ers are going to be off for a week. >> their approach is just they have a buy that we're going to take. are trusted that we will do the right setting. we will continue to do the right thing and work out. >> we want to be a championship team. we are going to do this from the sport forward. and coaching
6:52 pm
from this point for wor is how we go forward. >> and kron 4 if you can tell us crown royal x r.. i'm sure that it is just like the johnny label label... >> and what i love about you is that you have lived a fuller life and m and me. >> i do not know what it tastes like thei >> , it is my 20th year because i'm open and honest. these people are your friends. >> these people are our friends. >> from all of us, thank
6:53 pm
you. for being part of us and a vocal one step further they are part of my family. all of these deals are pleasant. that is exactly right we will be taking a quick break and thank you. unlike take one day off and we come back in a good mood. heh heh maybe it was that crown royal! [laughter] >> just kidding! her we are back in a moment with your source for local information to alloinformation about alcohol ll
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> the nba they love the mascots in the phoenix suns gorilla they have changed but they did a little bit something schering shannon brown who was married to
6:57 pm
monica. and of course the smoke machine would love to show you. near the detroit pistons, good night see you at 8:00 p.m.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the famous face now publicly criticizing news coverage of superstorm sandy. >> we're on the ground with the media covering the devastation. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. three feet of water. >> that is not news. >> michael moore versus piers morgan. their live tv face-off over this reporter. >> the media in the air. on the ground. out in full force today. >> we reveal how the new york news is scrambling to cover the disaster's aftermath. >> have you had to go to outside sources? >> affiliates have been great in providing sources. plus, millions in tv production lost as "snl" storms on. >> we're doing this show, no matter what happens. >> oh! khloe's "x factor" exposure that set off simon cowell.

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